Team Building

A sport to level the playing field...  quite literally

Outdoor Team Building

Croquet takes just 2 minutes to learn the basics, meaning you can get stuck into a game almost straight away. Our instructors are on hand to teach your guest and organise some fun games and competitions. 

Croquet is not about physical strength, its about skill and tactics. At professional level, men and women compete together. So what better sport to start some friendly office rivalry. Croquet is the perfect outdoor team building event. We can even run indoor team building croquet too. 

Contact us today about organising your next team building event. 

Croquet Masterclass

Fancy learning croquet from a pro?

Our croquet masters are top level croquet players that play at top level in the UK and around the world. They can provide a croquet masterclass to you and your guests. 

Competitive Socialising

Get your team together and try croquet team building this summer.  Croquet is a level sport for all ages, genders and abilities, so no one gets an advantage. Try some competitive socialising in a fun and exciting new way.