Croquet Hire

Add croquet to any event, indoors or out, croquet is a fun and easy to learn sport that everyone will love. All our croquet hire is staffed by our highly skilled croquet masters on hand to teach your guests how to play. 

We can offer up to 8 croquet pitches for outdoor hire or 2 pitches for indoor croquet or hard surface hire. 

Croquet Masters

Meet Duncan, our head Croquet Master. He is an internationally ranked croquet player and a UK national croquet champion. 

All our croquet is managed by one of our croquet masters, all highly skilled croquet players ready to teach your guests how to play, provide encouragement and give helpful tips. All can teach you special trick shots, such as the jump shot or the stun shot. 

Croquet Equipment

All croquet hires include all the necessary croquet equipment: Croquet mallets, croquet hoops, croquet balls, corner flags and our custom mallet rack. 

Most people will have played a version of croquet generally referred to as Garden Croquet. At our events, we teach guests to play the Croquet & Cocktails One Ball rules. This is a quicker and more exciting version of croquet with games taking between 10-20 minutes. 

To learn more about croquet click here for the rules.

Outdoor Croquet Hire

Croquet pitches can be scaled to suit any outdoor grass area, making it flexible for any outdoor event. We recommend a space of about 9.5m x 12m for a good sized pitch but can go down to 4m x 8m and still get 8 people playing on one pitch. 

We can also provide boundary boards to stop any stray balls from going where they shouldn't. 

We can provide up to 8 outdoor croquet pitches allowing up to 64 people to be playing at once. 

Indoor Croquet Hire

Our custom built indoor croquet pitches use premium artificial grass and special flat based croquet hoops to provide an excellent croquet experience for your guests. All indoor pitches come complete with full boundary boards to stop stray balls and white picket fencing to enclose the croquet area where necessary.

Required space for the indoor croquet pitch is 4m x 8m. The pitch can accommodate up to 8 people at a time in 2 groups of 4.